Devotional Guide: Deeply Rooted Together

Current Sermon Series

As we come out of this pandemic, what does it look like for us to do this well? Do we simply move past it or do we grow from it? Do we simply get beyond it or do we build from it? For some, the goal will be to get back to all that is familiar; for others the goal will be to embrace the “new normal.” In the midst of all sorts of possibilities, Colossians invites us to remember who we are individually and collectively as followers of Christ.

To engage this new season effectively, we need to go back to our core identity. As Christians, we are deeply rooted in him and the new relationships that his work creates. Colossians invites us to a way of life that is centered in the person and work of Jesus Christ. So, together let’s explore what it means for us to be “deeply rooted together.”

Prayer Guide

One way we stay in communication with God is through prayer. We know we should, and we often have a desire to pray. So, why is it so hard? Our prayer experiences often dictate how we feel about prayer, and if prayer is boring, we won’t feel like praying. And it’s hard to make ourselves pray. During this sermon series, we are going to pray through specific passages in Colossians as we learn about our own identity and being “deeply rooted together.” 

We have created colorful verse cards from Colossians that you can cut out and hang up in areas where you will see them daily. This is a visual reminder to pray through these verses during the week.

Devotional & Discussion Questions