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Ideas and resources for families while worshiping and spending time together at home!

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Sunday Worship Materials

Because we are unable to gather in the building on Sunday, we want to provide you with some creative ways to connect as a family, engage in Scripture, and take advantage of the Sabbath together as a family!  We have put together some resources including age-appropriate worship songs, activities, and videos that go along with the main online service.

August 9

KidStep Facebook Page

Families are encouraged to check out our KidStep Facebook page for daily family time ideas and other resources! You can find those ideas and additional resources below!

#kidstepfamilytime Ideas

  • Printable Quarantine Bingo Cards!
  • Make cards/photos for your local nursing home and mail them to them.
  • Have a praise party and dance together in your living room! Use your own music or try our Spotify playlist.
  • Create a paper chain and fill it with people to pray for. Pull one off each day and intentionally pray for them throughout the day.
  • Color a picture for your child's teacher, take their photo while they hold the picture, and email it to the teacher letting them know you miss them and are praying for them.
  • Take the KidStep Courage Challenge!
  • Make cards for our missionary families all around the world. Take a picture of your card and email to, who will send each card to our missionaries to encourage them!
  • Have someone hide something in your house and the rest of the family goes on mission together to find it! 
  • Make a cardboard city together!
  • FaceTime your grandparents and read them one of your favorite stories!
  • Go on a drive to your school and pray for your teachers and classmates by name.
  • Find items around your house and fill up the bathtub with water. Test each item and see what floats and what sinks!
  • Go on a hunt around your house for yellow items and count how many you can find!
  • Use sticky notes and as a family create a wall filled with things you are thankful for!
  • Share what snack time looks like in your house!
  • Go on a drive or walk thru your neighborhood and pray for the families and homes there! Not sure how to do a prayer walk? Check out this resource!
  • Have a movie night!
  • Make your own board game and play it as a family!
  • FaceTime your grandparents and ask them to tell you a story from their childhood!
  • Make a home movie or go back and watch old family videos!
  • Get creative! Use all those art supplies around your home to make a masterpiece!

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