KREW: KidStep's Really Exciting Week

KREW | June 12-16 | 6 - 8:15 PM

We’re looking forward to going on an expedition through the Bible to discover what it looks like to be BRAVE! We hope and pray that loads of kids will come, gather under the Baobab tree to learn that with God's help, we can be BRAVE like a lion! We'll explore the savanna with courage, knowing that God is with us everywhere! 

Registration opens April 12!

Ways to Serve

We need our entire Hershey Free family involved so that we can help more kids know they can live bravely because of Jesus! We're looking for BRAVE volunteers to lead our kids on an expedition! We have several volunteer opportunities and need a variety of gifts and talents. We're sure that we can find the perfect spot for you! Can't serve the week of KREW? No problem, we have pre and post opportunities too!

For those unable to join us on the expedition, materials are needed to make the journey a success! There are plenty of things to be donated. This year in addition to craft supplies and snacks you can donate Home Depot or Visa gift cards in any amount. They will be used to purchase building supplies like lumber, chicken wire, and paint. Gift cards will be accepted immediately. Other items should be dropped off in front of the KidStep offices no later than May 31st unless otherwise specified.