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January 24 Sermon Notes

Behind the Scenes

The book of Ruth shows the extraordinary impact of every day faithfulness.

Who is Ruth?

  • Loyal and faithful (Ruth 1:14-16)
  • Humble and trusting (Ruth 2:2-3, 8-13)
  • Prepared and purposeful (Ruth 3:7-13)
  • Redeemed and blessed (Ruth 4:6-10, 18-22)


  1. God is always faithful and we need to have faith.
  2. We have a Redeemer like Ruth, but our Redeemer redeems for eternity.
  3. Ask: How am I treating God?
  4. Am I waiting for him to act when I want or need him? Or am I going to him in faith knowing he will act?
  5. We don’t know God’s plan but we know his plan is always being worked out.