Resilient Joy: A Study in the Book of Philippians

Current Sermon Series

Have you ever experienced a situation where you started out strong but slowly lost your passion, energy and momentum? Perhaps when this pandemic began, there was the novelty of being home and working online—now you simply dread Zoom calls.

Philippians is a letter written to a group of Christians who got off to a great start—yet now their lives have become more complicated. Their mentor is in a distant prison, one of their leaders almost died, and, as a community, they are facing external pressures and internal conflict.

In the midst of this chaos, Paul writes this letter of encouragement. Central to his message is an invitation to develop resilient joy. This type of joy is more than a feeling or emotion; it’s an attitude and mindset that’s rooted in one’s relationship with God and one’s confidence in the gospel. It’s a mindset that builds endurance, fosters community and empowers us to live boldly as part of God’s mission.

Devotional and Discussion Questions