Small Group Leaders

2022-2023 CORE Student Ministries

CORE Wednesdays

CORE meets on Wednesdays from 6:45 to 8:45 PM in the Auditorium and Core Cafe. Our purpose is to create a fun environment that develops deep relationships, engages students on their faith journey, and seeks to pursue God's way of living. Students are invited to participate in games, hear biblical teaching that is applicable to their lives, and grow in discipleship through small groups.

We want to do our best to connect everyone to their student’s small group leader. Listed below are the group leaders by small group. Click on a name in order to send an email. We would ask that you be in prayer for these leaders, and feel free to reach out and say hello to them. They strive each and every week to love and care for your students, and without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. They are the rockstars of CORE.

MS Wednesdays

6th grade boys - Ray Bennett and Matt Jones

6th grade girls - Jill Bennett and Jess Cooper

7th grade boys - Nathan Confair and Josh Wakefield    

7th grade girls -  Amanda Fletcher, Nicole Siegrist, and Deb Webster

8th grade girls - Shannon Christman and Brenna Kowalczyk

8th grade boys - Dean Overholt and Josh Kowalczyk

HS Wednesdays   

9th grade boys - Tom Zinn, Ian Berry and Ben Broomell                        

9th grade girls - Alicia Cramer and Melinda Rosario                                           


10th grade boys - Jay Dissinger and Andrew Martin            

10th grade girls - Danielle Taylor and Barb Nichols     

11th grade boys - Jon Covell and Jon Gaffney    

11th grade girls - Lauren Shuttlesworth and Janelle Kovacs

12th grade boys - Spencer Bass and Payton Bass       

12th grade girls - Ally Hufford, Noa Farou, and Ria Blackwell