COVID Mitigation and Service Updates

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An Update Video, September 1, 2021

Heritage, 8 AM Service

Our 8 AM, Heritage service will be held on October 3.

We are relaunching a service at 8 AM beginning on Sunday, November 7, in the auditorium. This service will have the same teaching as the 9 and 10:30 AM services and will be under the leadership of Bob Karwowski, the Pastor for Worship and Creative Arts. We want all of our services to reflect the vision and mission of Hershey Free Church while offering a different time, setting, and style of music. This service will be a mix of hymns and worship choruses and will be accompanied by piano, organ, and guitar.

9 AM Service

Worship Service

  • We are excited to announce that we are leaving the tent up through the October 3rd service. We have heard from many of you that this service has been meaningful. We were able to make some quick changes in order for us to allow this service to stay outside for a longer time.
  • Church: Beyond the Walls is Sunday, October 10. No regular services are held. We encourage you to sign up and join a project on that Sunday.
  • Beginning Sunday, October 17, the 9 AM service will be inside, and masks will be required at that service only. Our 9 AM service has been the highest COVID mitigation service, and we will continue that when we move inside. Inside the sanctuary is an enclosed space, there are hundreds of people present, and we are singing. These are three reasons we feel masks must be required in the sanctuary at 9 AM to be part of our COVID mitigation strategy. We ask that if you attend or volunteer during the 9 AM service that you keep your mask on throughout the entire service.


  • We are encouraging our KidStep volunteers to wear a mask, but at this point, masks are not required for children or volunteers at either the 9 or 10:30 AM service.

CORE and Connect Groups

  • At this point, masks are only required in the sanctuary during the 9 AM service, starting October 17. Masks remain optional for CORE and Sunday Connect Groups.