About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where are we headed

Who We Are

Living with Jesus, Loving like Jesus, and Leading Others to Do the Same

At Hershey Free we believe a disciple of Jesus is someone who lives with Jesus, loves like Jesus, and leads others to do the same. Simply put, this means we want to be a place where you can learn about Jesus and connect with him. We want you to experience God’s love and find opportunities to share that love. And we want you to discover your gifts and be able to serve within the church and in the wider area.

Each of us is on this same journey and have found hope in Jesus. We want others to experience this same hope and joy.

Where We Come From

Hershey Free Church is part of a larger association, the Evangelical Free Church of America. As a denomination, “We are a community of believers who are committed to Jesus Christ, the gospel and to one another. Connected by our theological convictions, we exist to glorify God and multiply transformational churches among all people.” 

The following links will provide info about the EFCA and the Eastern District of the EFCA.



Where We Are Headed

Throughout the next five years, it is vital for us to focus on young adults. In saying this, we are not moving away from being a multi-generational church. We want to leverage our multi-generational reality. We want to build bridges with future generations. We live in a time where it's very easy to walk away from church, and it can be even harder to engage church. If we are truly going to be a community of multiple generations coming together, we must ensure that young adults are invited, equipped, and empowered to be a part of our gospel mission.

In five years, we envision a future where people can ask hard questions about life, faith, meaning, and purpose and encounter the transforming work of the gospel, in community with others. We anticipate seeing relationships built across generations so we can learn from each other. We see a body of people equipped to discover how God has wired them to serve. We believe our five-year vision culminates with many young adults joining us as we Live with Jesus, Love like Jesus, and continue to Lead Others to do the Same.