Next Steps

Looking to take a next step? Baptism, Membership, Faith?

Learn about Jesus and Christianity

We believe the only answer to peace and hope for this life now and for an eternal future is through the person of Jesus Christ. You might hear us talk about like "living with Jesus" and being on a journey to follow Christ. If you have questions, we want to talk to you. Our prayer is that we can share the hope of Christ with others. Reach out to our Pastor for Local Ministry, Dave Hyatt, at anytime or call the church office at 717-533-4848 if you need someone to talk to.

Another possibility is checking out Alpha, which is a series of sessions that focuses on different questions around faith and is designed to create conversation. As a church, we know the importance of being together and building friendships. We also believe that one of the best ways you can learn about Christianity, explore some of life’s deep questions, and discover things about faith in Jesus is by being with other people asking questions. Alpha is an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your perspective in an honest and open environment. Alpha meets in the spring and the fall.


At the Hershey Free Church, baptism represents a believer’s public confession and celebration of faith in Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior and symbolizes new life in Christ. Baptism is an opportunity to celebrate the work of Christ in your life with your church family. Together we encourage each other, rejoice with you, and walk alongside you in your journey. Baptism is an outward sign of the inward work that Christ has done in our lives. Baptism is not about being perfect or about having everything figured out. Instead, it is about committing to walk this journey with Christ and continually surrender to him. Baptism is making a public statement, in front of your church family, that you are going to stand with Jesus. If you have been considering baptism, reach out to Joan Apgar for more information on baptism classes.


One potential Next Step you can take is membership. A good way to think about membership is as a partnership. Partnership in the gospel, in the beliefs and values of a local body, and partnership in our mission to Live, Love, and Lead. Learn about who we are as a church, what we value, what it means to be a member of Hershey Free Church, and how a commitment to a local body of believers can make a difference in your Christian journey. Email Amanda Fletcher if you would like to be notified when the next membership class is scheduled.



At Hershey Free Church, we believe prayer makes a difference. We want to be praying together. We want to pray for you.

  • If you want to reach out to one of our prayer team members, text "Prayer" to 717-537-9172 or send a confidential email to our prayer team.
  • If you would like to join the prayer list and receive a weekly pdf of prayer updates email Craig Koskela.